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How To Use PAX 3

Learn how to use your PAX 3 dry herb and extract vaporizer through our comprehensive how-to video. PAX 3 is the newest addition to the PAX product line, widely considered to be the best dry herb vaporizer in the market. Pax 3 is true dual-use and can be used with both dry herb and extracts, bringing increased flexibility, intelligence, and efficiency to our range of premium vaporizers.

How to Use a Dablicator?

Ever wondered what a dablicator is? In case you have, keep reading as we’ve got just the information you are looking for. A dablicator is a specialized tool designed for the use of cannabis concentrates, such as oils, waxes, or shatters. The device allows users to apply the concentrate directly onto a heated surface, like a vaporizer or dab rig, for inhalation. Picture this: a convenient and precise tool designed for clean, controlled dabbing experiences. If you are curious to unlock the secrets of the dablicator, look no further! Our video tutorial is your go-to guide. Learn how to use this fantastic tool for mess-free and potent dabbing.